J M Massicotte

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Laser surgical procedures involving photocoagulation of soft tissue have relied on subjective visual endpoints. The thermal damage to the denatured tissue in these procedures is highly dependent on the tissue temperatures achieved during laser irradiation. Therefore, a system capable of real time temperature monitoring and closed(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE We examined the possibility that human albumin solder can be used as a vehicle for site specific delivery of growth factors for the purpose of accelerating tissue repair following laser welded wound closure. Certain human recombinant growth factors have been shown to accelerate wound healing in model systems. Pilot in vitro studies(More)
These experiments show that mussel adhesive protein (MAP) enhances the attachment of osteoblasts and epiphyseal cartilage cells to plastic culture dishes and Vitallium. When MAP was applied to culture plate surfaces, there were two- to fivefold increases in the numbers of cells attaching compared to control surfaces (no MAP). Results were confirmed using(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Human albumin is currently being used as a biological solder in laser tissue welding. Experiments were performed to characterize the effects of differing albumin concentrations on wound closure when a 1.32 microm Nd:YAG laser is used to repair skin incisions. MATERIALS AND METHODS In vivo comparison of acute tensile strength was(More)
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