J. M. Martínez

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Scheduling theory generally assumes that real-time systems are mostly composed of activities with hard real-time requirements. Many systems are built today by composing different applications or components in the same system, leading to a mixture of many different kinds of requirements with small parts of the system having hard real-time requirements and(More)
Optimality (or KKT) systems arise as primal-dual stationarity conditions for constrained optimization problems. Under suitable constraint qualifications, local minimizers satisfy KKT equations but, unfortunately, many other stationary points (including, perhaps, max-imizers) may solve these nonlinear systems too. For this reason, nonlinear-programming(More)
With the technology today, detection of pedestrian was introduced to decrease the accidents in the roads. It was implemented on the traffic lights and cars. In this paper, integration of face detection and pedestrian takes place on the device called Raspberry Pi. OpenCV was used for the detections and programmed in Python. The webcam was used to capture(More)
The estimation of parameters of the Sovová's model for supercritical fluid extraction is addressed in the present work. A global optimization approach is employed. Reasons for this decision are given as a consequence of more general modeling objectives. The way of dealing with different objective functions and constraints is described. Real-life experiments(More)
In meteorological and oceanological studies the classical approach for finding the numerical solution of the regional model consists in formulating and solving the Cauchy-Dirichlet problem. The related boundary conditions are obtained by linear interpolation of data available on a coarse grid (global data), to the boundary of regional model. Errors, in(More)
Agriculture is one of the most important economic activities in Brazil and much research effort has been concentrated to develop new computer vision techniques to analyze agricultural images. The present paper focus on the problem of detecting geometric primitives (straight lines and circles) in agricultural images, which is done by a model fitting(More)
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