J M Mansur

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Use patterns of the plasma volume expanders albumin and hetastarch were evaluated before and after an educational program promoting the preferential use of hetastarch was implemented in a 700-bed teaching hospital. The high acquisition cost and periodic shortages of 5% albumin injection prompted the implementation in March 1985 of a target drug program that(More)
Stability and costs of a mixture of clindamycin and gentamicin in a single carrier solution for every-eight-hour i.v. administration were analyzed. Duplicate solutions containing clindamycin 900 mg (as the phosphate salt) and gentamicin 100 mg (as the sulfate salt) in 5% dextrose injection 150 mL in flexible plastic containers were prepared. Samples(More)
The implementation of a pharmacy-enforced policy for documenting drug allergies is described. After two incidents at a 600-bed teaching hospital in which patients experienced severe allergic reactions to drugs, an audit was conducted to evaluate the existing drug allergy documentation policy. Physicians documented allergies in medical charts and treatment(More)
A target drug program was utilized to prevent increasing costs associated with inappropriate use of moxalactam and cefotaxime. The cost saving abilities of pharmacists in this regard were calculated. Pharmacists consulted with physicians each time these drugs were prescribed to encourage cefazolin substitution when appropriate. Records of all cephalosporin(More)
A slide-tape audiovisual program was developed by a university-based drug information center for the purpose of familiarizing the nursing staff with our institution's formulary. The formulary contains useful information on medications stocked by our pharmacy, including costs, dosage forms, policies and procedures governing the pharmacy department, and many(More)
This article will describe our hospital's transition to a patient-centered care environment as a response to rising costs within the hospitals and a desire to improve the quality of patient care through systems improvement. The involvement of pharmacy managers in the new organizational structure will be detailed, as well as their new roles and(More)
As more hospital pharmacies move in the direction of computer access, the profession must identify more clinical applications for computer programming. The roles of the hospital pharmacist and pharmacy technician are changing, and the profession is moving in the direction of increased clinical involvement. The computer is becoming the mainstay of hospital(More)
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