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Enzymes isolated from thermophilic organisms found in oil reservoirs can find applications in many fields, including the oleochemical, pharmaceutical, bioenergy, and food/dairy industries. In this study, in silico identification and recombinant production of an esterase from the extremophile bacteria Petrotoga mobilis (designated PmEst) were performed. Then(More)
This paper presents the integration between the Image Guided Surgery Toolkit (IGSTK) and the Point Cloud Library (PCL) to deliver a software tool (SWT) to robotic orthopedic surgery. The application that demonstrates the usefulness of the tool was developed for the registration of 2D ultrasound (US) images of the femur to 3D point clouds obtained from CT or(More)
The purpose of this work was to verify in vitro adherence of E. corrodens and S. oralis to the surface of tongue piercings made of surgical steel, titanium, Bioplast, and Teflon. For this, 160 piercings were used for the count of Colony Forming Units (CFU) and 32 piercings for analysis under scanning electron microscopy. Of these, 96 (24 of each type) were(More)
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