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Proliferation and adhesion of mouse (MC3T3-E1) osteoblastic cells and primary human osteoblastic cells were carried out on Ti6Al4V titanium alloy samples with varied surface roughnesses. Mechanically or manually polished surfaces were prepared to produce respectively non-oriented or oriented residual polishing grooves. Sand-blasted surfaces were prepared(More)
A pseudo-tumour due to metallosis is described in association with an iso-elastic hip replacement. This is a relatively rare lesion which may be difficult to diagnose. Scintigraphy and radiography may be helpful in distinguishing the lesion from a primary or secondary neoplasm, but the presence of osteolysis adjacent to the prosthesis will suggest the true(More)
This is a retrospective study of 173 cases of chronic laxity of the knee, surgically treated between May 1985 and December 1988 using the MacIntosh technique (quadriceps-plasty) reinforced with the Kennedy ligament augmentation device (LAD). It involved 171 operations, 113 men and 58 women aged between 15 and 49 years (average 26 years), the majority of(More)
PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The aim of this paper is to present an unusual lesion associating anterior instability of the shoulder with a fracture of the horizontal part of the coracoid process. It emphasizes surgical treatment using the Latarjet procedure. MATERIAL AND METHODS Three cases are presented: One case was a recurrent anterior dislocation of the(More)
Tibio-talar arthrodesis poses some problems and the most frequent are non-union and varus malalignment of the ankle joint. The aim of this report was to present a new technique of ankle joint arthrodesis. The principles of this procedure are as follows: firstly, the external fixation (A.L.J.) is framed, secondly, perpendicular cuts are made in the tibial(More)
UNLABELLED This is a retrospective study of 173 chronic laxities of the knee operated on between May 1985 and December 1988 using the Mac Intosh procedure, reinforced by the Kennedy L.A.D. Follow-up was between 4-8 years and the same surgeon operated on all the knees. MATERIALS AND METHODS 171 patients were operated on (113 men and 58 women) aged between(More)
  • T. Perdrizet, J. M. Leroy, N. Barbin, V. Le-Corre, D. Charliac, P. Estrier
  • 2011
The accurate modeling of offshore flexible risers behaviour remains a great challenge because of (i) their complex internal structure, (ii) the variable nature of the loads along the pipe (tension, curvature, internal and external pressures), (iii) and the interactions with structures used to limit the pipe curvature. Technip and IFP Energies Nouvelles have(More)
A comparative retrospective study of 107 cases of arthroscopic meniscectomies performed between December 1985 and December 1988 on 52 operated patients under 45 (P1 = 54 knees) and 52 operated patients over 45 (P2 = 53 knees). Those two populations have been selected among 292 isolated meniscal lesions files (without anterior cruciate ligament tear)(More)