J M Lernould

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We report here a karyotypic study of 6 individuals of Hylobates concolor leucogenys, 2H, concolor siki, 3H, concolor gabriellae, 1 hybrid H, concolor leucogenys x H. concolor ski, 3 hybrid H. concolor gabriellae x H. concolor siki and 2 hybrid H. concolor hainanus x H. concolor leucogenys. Difficulties raised by the morphological identification of(More)
Until recently, the Bale monkey (Chlorocebus djamdjamensis), an arboreal primate endemic to the southern Ethiopian highlands, remained virtually unstudied, and its distribution pattern inadequately documented. To broaden our knowledge of the species' distribution and abundance, we carried out interviews with local people and total count surveys for Bale(More)
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