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In this paper we introduce a MEMS based pedestrian navigation system (PNS) which consists of the low cost MEMS inertial sensor. An adaptive step length estimation algorithm using the awareness of the walk or run status is presented. Future u-Health monitoring systems will be essential equipment for mobile users under the ubiquitous computing environment. It(More)
In this retrospective chart review we compared the subjective and objective benefits of active middle ear implants (AMEIs) with conventional hearing aids (HAs) in patients with sloping high tone hearing loss. Thirty-four patients with sensorineural hearing loss were treated with AMEIs. Of these, six had sloping high tone hearing loss and had worn an HA for(More)
Dielectric tunnel device parameters of CoFe/Al-O/CoFe MTJ of MRAM cell are measured and analyzed. General mathematical derivations for dielectric tunnel parameters in bright and dark region of MTJ cell are derived. The symmetry variation of dielectric tunnel charge in dark region of MTJ demonstrates a good balanced charge-conserved ferromagnetic plate(More)
Presents a new concept of a reconfigurable manipulator system which adjusts its mechanical structure to suit the kinematic characteristics of a given task. A highly redundant manipulator designed as a general purpose manipulator needs to be reconfigured for a specific task A task is decomposed of motion and force components with different control(More)
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