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Model-based testing is a new and evolving technique for generating a suite of test cases from requirements. Testers using this approach concentrate on a data model and generation infrastructure instead of hand-crafting individual tests. Several relatively small studies have demonstrated how combi-natorial test generation techniques allow testers to achieve(More)
The paradigm of model-based testing shifts the focus of testing from writing individual test cases to developing a model from which a test suite can be generated automatically. We report on our experience with model-based testing of a highly programmable system that implements intelligent telephony services in the U.S. telephone network. Our approach used(More)
of this publication must mention the title and credit the above-mentioned publisher as the copyright owner. The Arctic is a final frontier for hydrocarbon extraction and is facing renewed pressure owing to high oil prices, rising energy demand, concern over energy security, and retreating ice. There are estimates of significant oil and gas reserves in the(More)
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