J M Lapiana

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OBJECTIVES To assess French district nurses' opinions towards euthanasia and to study factors associated with these opinions, with emphasis on attitudes towards terminal patients. DESIGN AND SETTING An anonymous telephone survey carried out in 2005 among a national random sample of French district nurses. PARTICIPANTS District nurses currently(More)
Despite the introduction of HAART, pain is still a common symptom in people living with HIV/AIDS. For these persons, pain management supplied by palliative care teams may support standard HIV care. This study compares opinions toward palliative care of 83 HIV specialists and 217 oncologists (French national survey: Palliative Care 2002). Data were collected(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to examine factors associated with the prescription of opioid analgesics to terminal cancer patients, including physicians' general attitudes toward morphine and contextual factors. METHODS A survey was conducted among a sample of French general practitioners (GPs) and oncologists. Respondents were asked to describe the last(More)
OBJECTIVE Assess the attitude of the practitioners with regard to the management of patients at the end of their lives, depending on the physician/patient communication and treatment of pain. Method Statistical analysis of the data collected among 1,000 practitioners recruited for a survey on knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding palliative care in(More)
BACKGROUND Disclosure of the prognosis to terminally ill patients is a strong prerequisite for integrating the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of end-of-life care. OBJECTIVE This study aimed to assess French physicians' general attitudes and effective practices (with patients followed up to death recently) toward such disclosure. (More)
During the past decade, the debate about legalising euthanasia has grown in many developed countries, including France. Medical journals have reflected this: surveys have assessed doctors’ attitudes toward euthanasia and bioethics articles have discussed the pros and cons. Supporters of legalisation argue that euthanasia is a continuation of palliative care(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine practitioners' opinions on palliative care. METHOD Statistical analyses were carried out on data collected from 1000 physicians recruited to participate in a study on knowledge, attitudes and practices with respect to palliative care ("Palliative Care 2002"). A cluster analysis (CAH) was conducted based on responses to nine questions(More)
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