J.-M. Kim

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The free primary hydroxyl groups in the metal-organic framework of CDMOF-2, an extended cubic structure containing units of six γ-cyclodextrin tori linked together in cube-like fashion by rubidium ions, has been shown to react with gaseous CO2 to form alkyl carbonate functions. The dynamic covalent carbon-oxygen bond, associated with this chemisorption(More)
Synthesis of 2D hybrid materials for energy application-Fabrication of electrical and optoelectrical devices Publications 1.Facile method for rGO FET: selective adsorption of rGO on SAM-treated gold electrode by electrostatic attraction", Adv. graphene oxide (rGO)-wrapped fullerene (C60) wires" ACS Nano 2011, 5, 8365. of photocurrent in Au-coated C60 wire(More)
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