J-M Jullien

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The Mahalanobis distances have been introduced in habitat selection studies for the estimation of environmental suitability maps (ESMs). The pixels of raster maps of a given area correspond to points in the multidimensional space defined by the mapped environmental variables (ecological space). The Mahalanobis distances measure the distances in this space(More)
In the adult brain, neurotrophins play a key role in adaptive processes linked to increased neuronal activity. A growing body of evidence suggests that chronic pain results from long-term plasticity of central pathways involved in nociception. We have investigated the involvement of nerve growth factor (NGF) in adaptive responses of primary sensory neurons(More)
Expression of the nerve growth factor (NGF) receptors TrkA and p75(NTR) was found to vary at the surface of PC12 cells in a cell cycle phase-specific manner. This was evidenced by using flow cytometric and microscopic analysis of cell populations labeled with antibodies to the extracellular domains of both receptors. Differential expression of these(More)
In wild boar individual growth rate is linear between 0.5 and 6 months after birth, based on successive body weight measurements. Contrary to expectation for a dimorphic and polygynous mammal like wild boar, no sexual dimorphism in growth rate could be detected between 0.5 and 6 months. We argue that high total maternal invesment in offspring due to large(More)
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