J. M. Jeltsch

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Villin is a calcium-regulated actin-binding protein that caps, severs, and bundles actin filaments in vitro. This 92,500-D protein is a major constituent of the actin bundles within the microvilli of the brush border surface of intestinal and kidney proximal tubule cells. Villin is a very early marker of cells involved in absorption and its expression is(More)
The nucleotide sequence of an almost double-stranded cDNA copy [Cochet, M., Perrin, F., Gannon, F., Krust, A., Chambon, P., McKnight, G. S., Lee, D. C., Mayo, K. E., and Palmiter, R. D. (1979) Nucleic Acids Res. 6, 2435-2452] of chicken ovotransferrin (conalbumin) mRNA has been determined. Taking into account the previously reported 5'-end sequence [Cochet,(More)
Two simian virus 40 transcriptional promoter elements, the 72-base pair (bp) repeat and the 21-bp repeat region, induce chromatin structures of increased DNase I sensitivity when transposed elsewhere in the viral genome. The induction of a sufficiently long stretch of DNase I-sensitive chromatin leads to the appearance of a visible nucleosome-free region.
A set of computer programs is described which constitutes a clone database management system. Maintenance of the database and the stocks of material is designed to be under the control of one person or group of people, who may insert, delete or modify data entries, and who may interrogate the database as to which stocks are in need of checking. The system(More)
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