J. M. J. Rebel

A. J. W. Hoekman1
S. van Hemert1
1A. J. W. Hoekman
1S. van Hemert
1L. Vervelde
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Pathway information provides insight into the biological processes underlying microarray data. Pathway information is widely available for humans and laboratory animals in databases through the internet, but less for other species, for example, livestock. Many software packages use species-specific gene IDs that cannot handle genomics data from other(More)
At present there is limited understanding of the host immune response to (low pathogenic) avian influenza virus infections in poultry. Here we develop a mathematical model for the innate immune response to avian influenza virus in chicken lung, describing the dynamics of viral load, interferon-α, -β and -γ, lung (i.e. pulmonary) cells and Natural Killer(More)
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