J. M. J. Murre

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We develop a mathematical formalism or calculating connectivity volumes generated by specific topologies with various physical packing strategies. We consider four topologies (full, random, nearest-neighbor, and modular connectivity) and three physical models: (i) interior packing, where neurons and connection fibers are intermixed, (ii) sheeted packing(More)
Transcription of the gene encoding yeast ribosomal protein L25 was previously shown to be activated through tandemly arranged upstream sequence elements that most rp-genes in yeast have in common. A single copy of such a conserved element is now demonstrated to restore transcription of an inactivated heterologous gene, which confirms its role as a genuine(More)
The authors discuss some problems in learning networks. They propose a new learning procedure, CALM (Categorizing And Learning Module). CALM uses pairs of excitatory representation nodes and inhibitory veto nodes, bound together in a modular structure with an arousal node. Learning in the module is enhanced by a nonspecific external node connected to the(More)
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