J. M. J. Huttunen

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Shorter product life-cycles, growing product complexity and the need for a large number of product variants have made Product Data Management (PDM) increasingly important for many manufacturing companies. This thesis provides a survey of the most important concepts of PDM technology and illustrates the concepts by describing the design and implementation of(More)
PURPOSE MRI relaxation measurements are performed in the presence of a fictitious magnetic field in the recently described technique known as RAFF (Relaxation Along a Fictitious Field). This method operates in the 2(nd) rotating frame (rank n = 2) by using a nonadiabatic sweep of the radiofrequency effective field to generate the fictitious magnetic field.(More)
Discretization error in dynamical inverse problems: one-dimensional model case Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org) Abstract. We examine nonstationary inverse problems in which the time evolution of the unknown quantity is modelled by a stochastic partial differential equation. We consider the problem as a state estimation problem. The time discrete state(More)
The Pilot Approximation Trajectory (PAT) contour algorithm can find a contour of a function accurately when it is not practical to evaluate the function on a grid dense enough to use a standard contour algorithm, for instance, when evaluating the function involves conducting a physical experiment or a computationally intensive simulation. PAT relies on an(More)
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