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PURPOSE MRI relaxation measurements are performed in the presence of a fictitious magnetic field in the recently described technique known as RAFF (Relaxation Along a Fictitious Field). This method operates in the 2(nd) rotating frame (rank n = 2) by using a nonadiabatic sweep of the radiofrequency effective field to generate the fictitious magnetic field.(More)
In this paper, a method for the determination of spatially varying thermal conductivity and perfusion coefficients of tissue is proposed. The temperature evolution in tissue is modelled with the Pennes bioheat equation. The main motivation here is a model-based optimal control for ultrasound surgery, in which the tissue properties are needed when the(More)
The Pilot Approximation Trajectory (PAT) contour algorithm can find a contour of a function accurately when it is not practical to evaluate the function on a grid dense enough to use a standard contour algorithm, for instance, when evaluating the function involves conducting a physical experiment or a computationally intensive simulation. PAT relies on an(More)
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