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Images taken during the animation of the Voronoi algorithm.support a high-level organization of the time and event flow as our approach does with behavior groups based on a time and event layout. Other related systems are TBAG and UGA. TBAG is based on a functional approach. Similar to our approach, TBAG integrates constraints and graphical abstract data(More)
Women continue to be underrepresented in politics. A contemporary focus on inequality, however, belies the remarkable changes that have occurred in women’s political representation, participation, and impact over time. Thus, scholars are increasingly calling for longitudinal theory and research that focuses on change across time. In this essay, we advocate(More)
Poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) gels are prepared by cross-linking with various amounts of ethylene glycol dimethacrylate in diethylene glycol solvent. The degree of swelling of the networks in diethylene glycol is measured in the range 0 < u2 < 0.35 as a function of cross-link density and solvent content during cross-linking. Results of swelling(More)
An acoustic stimulus presented at the ear of an anesthetized cat evokes an electrical response from the auditory nerve of that animal. Our primary stimuli to date have been clicks produced by feeding rectangular pulses of duration 0. 1 msec into a PDR-10 earphone. These short stimuli evoke spike-like responses, which are detected by a fine wire electrode(More)
R.R.Akhmetshin, E.V.Anashkin, M.Arpagaus, V.M.Aulchenko, V.Sh.Banzarov, L.M.Barkov, S.E.Baru, N.S.Bashtovoy, A.E.Bondar, D.V.Chernyak, A.G.Chertovskikh, A.S.Dvoretsky, S.I.Eidelman, G.V.Fedotovich, N.I.Gabyshev, A.A.Grebeniuk, D.N.Grigoriev, B.I.Khazin, I.A.Koop, P.P.Krokovny, L.M.Kurdadze, A.S.Kuzmin, P.A.Lukin, I.B.Logashenko, A.P.Lysenko, I.N.Nesterenko,(More)