J M Horodnicki

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Fifty patients suffering from depression were treated wigh mianserin in monotherapy. ICD-9 and DSM-III criteria for depression were used. Patients were divided into four groups--with monopolar depression (28 patients), bipolar depression (8 patients), organic depression (10 patients), neurotic depression (4 patients). The intensity of psychopathological(More)
The aim this study was to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of DHP calcium channel antagonist-nifedipine in human AWS in comparison to conventional treatment with chlordiazepoxide. Fifty nine hospitalized alcoholics of both sexes with diagnosis of AWS according to DSM-III-R criteria were treated for 2 weeks in monotherapy with nifedipine(More)
The algorithm grouping the patients into natural subsets, according to their psychopathological features or results of laboratory examinations, was extended by a software enabling the allowance of a new patient to the nearest subset taking into account any features describing the representative set. Apart from that the system was extended by a software of(More)
Psychopathological picture of depression and the conduct of some hormone tests vs the therapeutic response to thymoleptics were examined. On the grounds of some diagnostic criteria, 84 patients with affective psychosis were divided into three diagnostic groups: unipolar (DJ, n = 54) and bipolar (DD, n = 20) endogenous depressions and non-endogenous(More)
Evaluation of effects of amitriptyline, imipramine, maprotiline, mianserin , clomipramine and citalopram was performed in 84 patients (49 females and 35 males) age on average 40 years with diagnosis of affective psychosis treated in the Department of Psychiatry Medical School of Szczecin. Antidepressants independently from their pharmacological profile(More)
Hormonal tests--TRH, ITT and L-RH--were performed in 10 cases of paranoid schizophrenia before the paranoid deterioration and after--on average--ten months of treatment with fluphenazine depot injection. The drug did show a clear modulating effect on the mechanisms regulating secretion of gonadotrophins and prolactin --it did not effect the secretion of(More)