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The free fibular flap is the standard procedure for reconstructing mandibular defects. The graft has to be contoured to fit the defect so preoperative planning is required. The systems used previously do not allow transfer of the surgical plan to the operation room in an optimal way. The authors present a method to bring the virtual plan to real time(More)
Intentional cranial deformations (ICD) have been observed worldwide but are especially prevalent in preColombian cultures. The purpose of this study was to assess the consequences of ICD on three cranial cavities (intracranial cavity, orbits, and maxillary sinuses) and on cranial vault thickness, in order to screen for morphological changes due to the(More)
Insufficient nutrition to the root surface of autotransplanted mature human teeth after transplantation could be an explanation for the high rates of complications such as root resorption and loss of the tooth transplant. Insufficient nutrition is suggested as being due to the distance between the recipient site tissue and the root surface, and the presence(More)
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