J. M. Herron

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With the advent of computerized tomography (CT), an increasing number of patients with only minimal neurological symptoms and no signs of brain herniation are found to harbor subacute or chronic extradural hematomas (EH's). The authors present the cases of 11 symptomatic but neurologically normal children with medium to large EH's managed by close(More)
Aging leads to many changes in the expression of circadian rhythms, including reduced amplitude, altered relationship to the environmental illumination cycle, and reduced sensitivity to phase resetting signals. Neuropeptide synthesizing neurons in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), the principal circadian pacemaker in mammals, play a role in regulating(More)
Studies in which the rate of local cerebral blood flow is determined by xenon-enhanced computerized tomography require measurement of end-tidal gas. A mass spectrometer and a thermoconductivity detector were compared in measuring the concentration of xenon in end-tidal gas both in humans and in a clinically simulated ("breathing bag") system. The(More)
PURPOSE To examine the combined effects of image resolution and display luminance on observer performance for detection of abnormalities depicted on posteroanterior chest radiographs. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 529 radiographs were displayed on a specially constructed view box at three luminance levels (770, 260, and 85 cd/m(2)) and three(More)
Freshly isolated monocytes from cystic fibrosis (CF) heterozygotes and homozygotes had significantly increased oxygen uptake and superoxide formation after surface glycoprotein stimulation than did monocytes from age- and sex-matched controls. Lack of differences among the genotypes in inhibition by simple sugars of the concanavalin A-stimulated superoxide(More)
Errors in the determination of xenon concentrations in arterial blood during inhalation of xenon-oxygen mixtures are used to assess errors in the derivation of regional cerebral blood flow by the xenon-enhanced computed tomography (CT) method. The results of this study indicate that approximating the arterial buildup by a single exponential introduces(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The authors designed, assembled, tested, and clinically evaluated a high-quality, fast, and relatively inexpensive telemammography system. METHODS The authors designed a telemammography system that uses a high-resolution film digitizer and high data compression (> or = 40:1) to send images over regular telephone lines to a(More)
Patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) of the same age differ significantly in their degree of pulmonary disease. Based on preliminary observations, we postulated that the activity of myeloperoxidase would be significantly increased in patients with greater structural lung damage than in those with less lung damage. Acid extracts of weighed sputum samples were(More)
In cystic fibrosis the bronchiectatic conducting airways have large numbers of neutrophils in their walls and in their luminal contents. The neutrophil's primary granule enzyme activities of elastase and peroxidase are increased in the sputum of these patients. It has been postulated that these enzymes--together or individually--act to damage the airway(More)
Diode array digital radiography DADR is a method of radiographic imaging that combines the advantages of computer technology with self-scanning linear diode arrays. These digital images are superior to those obtained by film in recording and displaying information in the lightest and the darkest areas of the film, resulting in a balanced image of the entire(More)