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This paper presents the development of a portable probe for detecting cracks in steel plates. The probe consists of a magnet and a giant magneto-resistance (GMR) sensor. The magnet provides a radial magnetization at the surface of the steel plate. The GMR sensor detects the tangential component of the magnetic flux leakage due to a crack in the steel plate.(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present an eddy current testing technique for surface defect detection in conducting materials using a giant magneto resistive (GMR) sensor. A flat coil is used to produce an alternate magnetic field, which gives rise to eddy currents in the material under test. The GMR sensor with the coil placed on top of it is mounted in a(More)
In the present work, the molecular interactions of four amino acid compounds were simulated through the density functional theory (DFT) indexes to study their inhibitive properties. The prototype inhibitors previously synthesized 2-amino-N-decylacetamide (G), 2-amino-N-decylpropionamide (A), 2-amino-N-decyl-3-methylbutyramide (V), and(More)
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