J. M. H. van der Beek

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The middle ear cavity of the rat is lined with ciliated and squamous epithelium. The arrangement of the ciliated cells, interspersed with secretory cells, in distinct tracts and their continuity with the ciliated epithelium of the Eustachian tube, suggests the existence of a mucociliary transport system for cleaning the middle ear cleft. The secretory cells(More)
An open, multi-centre study was carried out in 117 pregnant women presenting with vaginal candidosis to assess the effectiveness of econazole in providing mycological control and symptom relief, and in preventing, as far as possible, the risk of contamination of the newborn: nearly 50% of the patients were in the last month of pregnancy. Patients received a(More)
Context: In absence of prospective randomized trials determining the optimal management of localized prostate cancer remains undefined. Objective: To develop and disseminate an update on outcome of different treatment modalities, recommendations and guidelines of transperineal prostate brachytherapy. Evidence acquisition: In the past decade, the average(More)
Seven head and neck oncology cooperative groups in the Netherlands have reviewed the epidemiology, staging, treatment and survival of oropharyngeal carcinoma patients treated between 1986 and 1990. In all, 640 patients with squamous cell carcinoma (628, 98%) or undifferentiated carcinoma (12, 2%) referred for primary treatment were analyzed. The total group(More)
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