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To investigate the influence of maternal smoke exposure on neonatal and maternal antioxidant status, 39 mothers who were active smokers, 14 mothers exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), 17 controls, and their newborns were included in a prospective, controlled study. Plasma total antioxidant capacity, measured as total radical-trapping antioxidant(More)
Malaria is a major cause of morbidity and mortality with an annual death toll exceeding one million. Severe malaria is a complex multisystem disorder, including one or more of the following complications: cerebral malaria, anemia, acidosis, jaundice, respiratory distress, renal insufficiency, coagulation anomalies, and hyperparasitemia. Using a combined in(More)
To determine the cytochemical localization of glucose-6-phosphatase in the human hepatocyte, lead - based and cerium - based media were used. By studying the effects of systematic variation of the incubation medium components, the optimal experimental conditions were determined. The exclusive localization of the cytochemical reaction in the endoplasmic(More)
Determination of 'free' bilirubin, erythrocyte-bound bilirubin and unconjugated bilirubin was used to test the effects of ceftriaxone on the binding of bilirubin to albumin. This study, performed on blood samples from icteric neonates, showed that the addition of ceftriaxone produced an increase of free bilirubin and erythrocyte-bound bilirubin and a(More)
The glucose-6-phosphatase activity of periportal and perivenous human hepatocytes was studied with a quantitative method. The results obtained with histogram of light intensity distributions indicate that the enzyme reaction was 1.3 to 2.5 fold higher in periportal zone than in perivenous zone. The profiles of light intensity along portal----hepatic venous(More)
A comparative study of 24 hr preservation at 4 degrees C of excised rat livers with Euro-Collins and hydroxyethyl starch-free University of Wisconsin (UWm) solutions has been conducted based on the assessment of (1) the cellular energy status determined by 31P NMR spectroscopy and (2) cellular injury estimated from the loss of purine compounds (inosine,(More)
We compared data obtained with the Kodak Ektachem and Hitachi 717 Analysers and HPLC from 83 neonates under phototherapy. Total bilirubin values determined with the Kodak and Hitachi are in good agreement, but we observed a large discrepancy in the results for conjugated (Kodak) and direct (Hitachi) bilirubin. HPLC revealed that all the samples contained(More)
Proton MR spectra and biochemical assays have been recorded on the sera of 40 patients and ten controls in order to document the correlation between spectroscopic and biochemical variations in selected pathologies (cancer, inflammatory and infectious diseases, diabetes). N-acetyl proton resonances are essentially generated by the N-acetyl residues of the(More)
The effects of ceftriaxone, a 'third-generation' cephalosporin, on bilirubin-serum albumin complexes were investigated. This study was performed on human adult samples at various bilirubin-albumin ratios. Ceftriaxone caused a decrease of unconjugated bilirubin and simultaneously an increase of erythrocyte-bound bilirubin. These variations were(More)