J M Guillaud-Bataille

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The distribution of birth rates was examined in 668 schizophrenic patients born in Réunion, a tropical French island in the Southern Hemisphere, and compared with that in the general local population. We failed to observe a significant season-of-birth effect, either in the total sample of schizophrenic patients or in subgroups categorized by gender, age, or(More)
This study concerns the state of physical health and the availability of somatic care for 3,470 adult patients diagnosed as schizophrenic according to the research criteria established by the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10 F20) and treated in public institutions. These institutions volunteered to participate in the study, whereas the(More)
UNLABELLED Overmortality among psychiatric patients has been a regular observation from the XIXth century to nowadays. If the rates of mortality have decreased in these last fifty years, they still remain higher than in the general population Standardized Mortality Ratio (SMR) (two or three times greater than normal). The authors reviewed 53 recent articles(More)
Most studies of the literature concerning the quality of life of children with chronic illness have been conducted in the somatic field, using objective criteria. However the concept of quality of life has evolved: while the first studies took into consideration the effects of somatic diseases on children or on their families, the recent studies tend to(More)
This investigation was conducted in 7 consultation centers in child psychiatry of the Lyon region (France). The aim was to evaluate the influence of the care professional's response to the demands of the consulting party, on the evolution of the child. The investigation is based on what is said about the difficulties of the child, as manifested in the way(More)
We studied the social status of psychiatric patients (N = 1085) in care for the first time in the public psychiatric department in an area surrounding Lyon. The survey shows some demographic and social factors characterizing this population. We examined also how clinicians take life-events into account during this first access. The findings are discussed by(More)
All the studies performed in many industrialized countries have shown that the mortality-rates of mentally-ill patients are higher than expected, despite of a recent trend indicating a diminishing difference by comparison with control-groups (review in Corten et al). In France, the works by Casadebaig and Quemada focused on the mortality-rates of(More)
The authors present a contribution to the french validation of the self-rating questionnaire of the depression in the elderly proposed by Yesavage and Brink (1982), the Geriatric Depression Scale (30 items). This study focusses on the assessment of the homogeneity and of the unidimensionality of this scale. 99 aged women living in old-people homes or(More)