J. M. Graf v.d. Schulenburg

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Noroviruses are important causes of gastroenteritis; however, due to a lack of sensitive detection methods, the distinct role of contaminated food in norovirus outbreaks remains unclear. Two published virus extraction procedures combined with real-time RT-PCR for the detection of norovirus from food inoculated experimentally were compared. The(More)
Die verbindliche Einführung der Abrechnung stationärer Aufenthalte von Patienten ist bundesweit mittels eines standardisierten Systems [Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG)] ab 2004 geplant. Seit Herbst 2002 liegen die meisten Wichtungen nach den DRG im deutschen System in vorläufiger Fassung vor (G-DRG). Die Arbeitsgemeinschaft (AG) Polytrauma der Deutschen(More)
For a class of frustrated antiferromagnetic spin lattices (in particular, the square-kagomé and kagomé lattices) we discuss the impact of recently discovered exact eigenstates on the stability of the lattice against distortions. These eigenstates consist of independent localized magnons embedded in a ferromagnetic environment and become ground states in(More)
This paper presents a structured survey of the West German health care and health insurance system, and analyzes major developments of current German health policy. In order to make the analysis more accessible to a largely American audience, brief historical remarks, comparisons with U.S. experience, and considerable data and tabular information are(More)
The fracture of the base of the fifth metatarsal bone is a common fracture of the foot. We differentiate avulsion fractures of the apophysis from meta-diaphysial of the Jones-Type. In the literature you find many different methods of treatment extending from simple immobilization through functional strapping to osteosynthesis of the fracture. Depending on(More)
BACKGROUND Coronary artery disease (CAD) has enormous financial, medical, as well as economical consequences in Germany. Important risk factors include raised total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol blood levels. The 4S Study has demonstrated the clinical effectiveness in the secondary prevention of CAD. METHOD Based on the health economics data of this(More)
For many spin systems with constant isotropic antiferromagnetic nextneighbour Heisenberg coupling the minimal energies Emin(S) form a rotational band, i. e. depend approximately quadratically on the total spin quantum number S, a property which is also known as Landé interval rule. However, we find that for certain coupling topologies, including recently(More)
We study the stability of some strongly frustrated antiferromagnetic spin lattices in high magnetic fields against lattice distortions. In particular, we consider a spin-s anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnet on the square-kagomé and kagomé lattices. The independent localized magnons embedded in a ferromagnetic environment, which are the ground state at(More)
BACKGROUND Norovirus is often transmitted from person-to-person. Transmission may also be food-borne, but only few norovirus outbreak investigations have identified food items as likely vehicles of norovirus transmission through an analytical epidemiological study.During 7-9 January, 2009, 36 persons at a military base in Germany fell ill with acute(More)
This study was supported in part by a research fund provided by Woodward State Hospital School, Woodward, IA. Although our society has recognized the need of the "normal" population for physical exercise and wellness, little attention has been given to the physical fitness needs of persons with mental retardation. Physical therapy intervention for these(More)