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This paper presents a multithreaded system used to schedule parallel applications on heterogeneous multiuser parallel architectures. The approach is based on idle cycles stealing, and on adaptive parallelism to dynamically adjust the parallelism degree with respect to the system load. The basic mecanisms used are thread migration and machine global load(More)
The term Groupware concerns computer-based systems that support groups of people engaged in a common task (goal) and that provide an interface to a shared environment [1]. The absence of a common tool for exchanges between physicians and nurses causes a multiplication of paper supports for the recording of information. Our objective is to study software(More)
CSCW is devoted to the analysis of interactions among human beings when performing their work together (Ellis et al., Commun. ACM 1 (34) (1991) 38-58). The main fields of application are work organisation, healthcare, education and training. Our main goal is to study the co-operative models allowing task co-ordination and conflict management between actors(More)
Information is essential for the taking care of the patients and is also a guarantee for the quality of cares. In this objective, the University Hospital of Lille has developed for 10 years a politic based on information and communication divided in 3 phases: 1. The University Hospital has developed a HIS based on the communication between hospitals and(More)
Distributed Architectures need specific tools to manage their complexity. We have introduced the Communicating Active Component as an abstraction of the concurrency unit for distributed machines. The Cac model is suitable for the distributed programming. The module notion is a tool of code distribution on the machine nodes. The programmer can adapt the(More)
Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) is a multi-disciplinary research theme involving software developers, computer scientists, as well as psychologists and sociologists. CSCW is devoted to the analysis of interactions among humans when performing their work in a collaborative way. The main application fields are work organization, healthcare,(More)
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