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BACKGROUND Whether diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI)-MRI is of value in detecting and assessing inflammation of ileal Crohn's disease (CD) remains poorly investigated. AIM To compare DWI-MR enterography (MRE) with conventional MRE in estimating inflammation in small bowel CD, to determine an apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) threshold to differentiate(More)
OBJECTIVES Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) allows accurate assessment of Crohn's disease (CD), but requires gadolinium injection. Diffusion-weighted (DW)-MRI yields comparable performances in small bowel CD. We compared the accuracy of DW-MR enterocolonography (MREC) and the magnetic resonance index of activity (MaRIA), and performed an external validation(More)
We report on embolization in 36 cases of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). The 36 patients with severe PPH, including one patient who had undergone an emergency hysterectomy, were transferred to the regional interventional vascular radiology unit in a mean time of 6 hours 12 min. Bilateral occlusion of the anterior trunk of the hypogastric arteries was carried(More)
PURPOSE To assess the endovascular treatment of splenic artery aneurysms and false aneurysms. METHODS Twelve patients (mean age 59 years, range 47-75 years) with splenic artery aneurysm (n = 10) or false aneurysm (n = 2) were treated. The lesion was asymptomatic in 11 patients; hemobilia was observed in one patient. The lesion was juxta-ostial in one(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate long-term results of infrapopliteal percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) for limb salvage. MATERIAL AND METHODS A retrospective study of 71 consecutive infrapopliteal PTAs in 49 patients with rest pain (n = 20) or ulceration (n = 29) was conducted. In 18 patients, surgical minor amputation or debridment was also performed. (More)
To determine the evolution of the diameter of the thoracic aorta with age in order to detect dilatation more reliably by imaging, we performed a retrospective analysis of the MRI examinations of the normal thoracic aorta of 66 subjects aged 44.1+/-19.1 years (range 19.1-82.4 years) obtained between 1991 and 2000 on a Magnetom SP 42 1T apparatus (Siemens)(More)
The influence of various modes of carrying a load of 16 kg (15.69 DaN) on the static positioning of the pelvic girdle and the thoracic and lumbar segments of the spine was examined in seven male subjects. The displacement of cutaneous markers attached to easily palpable skeletal landmarks was recorded using 4 CCD cameras; the data acquired were analysed(More)
Recurrent spontaneous hemarthrosis of the knee is common and often related to a detectable cause. In contrast, hemarthrosis after knee arthroplasty is rare and frequently unexplained. We report a case of recurrent hemarthrosis 6 years after total knee arthroplasty. The cause was hypervascularization about the joint, and embolization therapy was effective.
Posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES) is a rare but severe condition of the central nervous system. It develops in a variety of clinical settings and it has diverse patterns of expression, which can sometimes make diagnosis difficult. Characteristic features are often demonstrated on computed tomography imaging and/or magnetic resonance(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the potential of uterine artery embolization to minimize blood loss and facilitate easier removal of fibroids during subsequent myomectomy. METHODS This retrospective study included 22 patients (median age 37 years), of whom at least 15 wished to preserve their fertility. They presented with at least one fibroid (mean diameter 85.6 mm)(More)