J. M. García de la Vega

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Nowadays, density functional theory (DFT)-based high-throughput computational approach is becoming more efficient and, thus, attractive for finding advanced materials for electrochemical applications. In this work, we illustrate how theoretical models, computational methods, and informatics techniques can be put together to form a simple DFT-based(More)
Cluster algorithms play an important role in diversity related tasks of modern chemoinformatics, with the widest applications being in pharmaceutical industry drug discovery programs. The performance of these grouping strategies depends on various factors such as molecular representation, mathematical method, algorithmical technique, and statistical(More)
Research on similarity searching of cheminformatic data sets has been focused on similarity measures using fingerprints. However, nominal scales are the least informative of all metric scales, increasing the tied similarity scores, and decreasing the effectivity of the retrieval engines. Tanimoto's coefficient has been claimed to be the most(More)
Spectral shifts of rhodopsin, which are related to variations of the electron distribution in 11-cis-retinal, are investigated here using the method of deformed atoms in molecules. We found that systems carrying the M207R and S186W mutations display large perturbations of the π-conjugated system with respect to wild-type rhodopsins. These changes agree with(More)
The great cost associated with the development of new anabolic-androgenic steroid (AASs) makes necessary the development of computational methods that shorten the drug discovery pipeline. Toward this end, quantum, and physicochemical molecular descriptors, plus linear discriminant analysis (LDA) were used to analyze the anabolic/androgenic activity of(More)
A broad set of structural models and theoretical methods has been successfully used for studying both the molecular electron structure of the silacalix[3]phosphinine and the changes of the macrocycle core under the conditions that frequently correspond to its complexes with metals. The macrocycle core of the silacalix[3]phosphinine and its neutral(More)
We present three Slater-type atomic orbital (STO) valence basis (VB) sets for the first and second row atoms, referred to as the VB1, VB2, and VB3 bases. The smallest VB1 basis has the following structure: [3, 1] for the H and He atoms, [5, 1] for Li and Be, and [5, 3, 1] for the B to Ne series. For the VB2 and VB3 bases, both the number of shells and the(More)
Nonplanar saddled (sad) ruffled (ruf) and domed (dom) conformations of the Mg-porphyrin (MgP) macrocycle in several degrees of deformation have been computed. These symmetrical distortion modes were induced in unsubstituted macrocycle using molecular definitions for calculations which permits us to achieve a systematical variation of the nonplanarity(More)
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