J. M. Fuertes

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We present a decision support system to help archaeologists in classifying wheel-made pottery pieces by its profile. A novel shape characterization method, using Mathematical Morphology, is introduced for this purpose. Each profile is represented as a vector, obtained by sampling the so called morphological curves (erosion, dilation, opening and closing),(More)
This paper addresses the human action recognition task from optical flow. This task is in itself an interesting problem, given the lack of accuracy and noisy characteristics of the optical flow estimation. Optical flow is one of the most popular descriptors characterizing motion, but due to its instability is usually used in combination with parametric(More)
We propose a new vessel profile characterization and comparison technique, based on Modal Analysis. Each profile is represented as a node chain that approximates its contour, and characterized by calculating its deformation spectrum, i.e. the amount of deformation needed to transform it into a reference shape. Two profiles can be compared by computing the(More)
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