J M Flaud

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An optimized code to perform the near-real-time retrieval of profiles of pressure, temperature, and volume mixing ratio (VMR) of five key species (O(3), H(2)O, HNO(3), CH(4), and N(2)O) from infrared limb spectra recorded by the Michelson Interferometer for Passive Atmospheric Sounding (MIPAS) experiment on board the European Space Agency (ESA)(More)
One of the major challenges facing atmospheric sciences is to assess, understand and quantify the impact of natural and an-thropogenic pollution on the quality of life on Earth on a local, regional and continental scale. It has become apparent that pollution originating from local/regional events can have serious effects on the composition of the lower(More)
The instantaneous optical frequency of an external-cavity quantum cascade laser (QCL) is characterized by comparison to a near-infrared frequency comb. Fluctuations in the instantaneous optical frequency are analyzed to determine the frequency-noise power spectral density for the external-cavity QCL both during fixed-wavelength and swept-wavelength(More)
In this paper we present the IVS (Iterative Variable Strength) method, an altitude-dependent, self-adapting Tikhonov regularization scheme for atmospheric profile retrievals. The method is based on a similar scheme we proposed in 2009. The new method does not need any specifically tuned minimization routine, hence it is more robust and faster. We test the(More)
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