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33 patients with advanced malignant melanoma were studied after intravenous administration of 131I-labeled Fab fragments specific for p97, an oncofetal glycoprotein of human melanoma. In all, 47 gamma camera imaging studies were performed for the purpose of localization of metastatic deposits. In addition to tumor, 131I-Fab uptake was also seen in liver and(More)
High molecular weight antigen (HMWA) is a tumor-associated proteoglycan of human malignant melanoma. I-131 labeled Fab fragments of these specific antibodies were used for preliminary feasibility studies for radioimmunodetection and therapy of human subjects who had inoperable metastatic melanoma. Ten patients received tracer doses of 5-13 mCi (185-481 MBq)(More)
The effects of acute pulmonary hypertension on the fraction of cardiac output shunted through pulmonary arteriovenous communications have been studied in dogs as a possible cause of hypoxia following pulmonary embolization. Pulmonary artery pressure was increased twofold and then fourfold above control values by embolization of the pulmonary vascular bed(More)
The fraction of cardiac output flowing through pulmonary arteriovenous anastomoses (Qav/Qt) was measured in dogs during halothane anesthesia and compared with results obtained in normal awake dogs. Flow through arteriovenous anastomoses was measured using 99mTc-labelled polystyrene microspheres (50 microns diameter). The fraction of cardiac output perfusing(More)
Two different murine monoclonal antibody Fab fragments specific for p97, a melanoma-associated antigen, were labeled with I-131 at high activity levels without excessive chemical damage. Up to 20 mg of Fab were labeled with up to 300 mCi of I-131 using the chloramine-T method and large working volumes at room temperature. As much as 90% of the initial(More)
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