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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We have investigated the therapeutic effects of the selective cyclophilin inhibitor D-MeAla(3)-EtVal(4)-cyclosporin (Debio 025) in myopathic Col6a1(-/-) mice, a model of muscular dystrophies due to defects of collagen VI. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH We studied calcineurin activity based on NFAT translocation; T cell activation based on(More)
Mature tissue explants containing the entire depth of articular cartilage, calcified and uncalcified, attached to a thin layer of subchondral bone were isolated from bovine humeral heads of 1-2-year-old steers. These explants were placed in defined serum-free culture medium for a period of 3 weeks to investigate their biological and mechanical stability and(More)
The localization and accessibility of the group B streptococcus (GBS) surface immunogenic protein (Sip) at the surface of intact GBS cells were studied by flow cytometric assay and immunogold electron microscopy. Antibodies present in pooled sera collected from mice after immunization with purified recombinant Sip efficiently recognized native Sip at the(More)
The sweat test, a quantitative measurement of chloride in sweat, remains a key laboratory test to support the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. However, because of its delicate execution, sweat test result should be interpreted with biological, clinical and genetic arguments. The following guidelines which we propose, were established in order to harmonize the(More)
Actinomyces viscosus Be 66, added to pulpal cells in culture, does not cause apparent cellular damage. The extracellular matrix consists of altered collagen fibrils and thin filaments, immunochemically identified as type I collagen. They probably represent the first steps of collagen degradation.
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