J. M. Dinten

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Fluorescence-enhanced diffuse optical tomography is expected to be useful to the collection of functional information from small animal models. This technique is currently limited by the extent of tissue heterogeneity and management of the shape of the animals. We propose an approach based on the reconstruction of object heterogeneity, which provides an(More)
Lensless on-chip imaging is a promising technique to count and monitor cells and micro-objects in liquid sample. In this paper we apply this technique to the observation of µL sample containing bacteria evaporated onto a microscope slide. Compared with previously reported techniques, a large improvement in signal to noise ratio is obtained due to the(More)
This paper explores a time-resolved functional imaging method based on Monte Carlo model for whole-body functional imaging of small animals. To improve the spatial resolution and quantitative accuracy of the functional map, a Bayesian hierarchical method with a high resolution spatial prior is applied to guide the optical reconstructions. Simulated data(More)
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