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GENECLASS2 is a software that computes various genetic assignment criteria to assign or exclude reference populations as the origin of diploid or haploid individuals, as well as of groups of individuals, on the basis of multilocus genotype data. In addition to traditional assignment aims, the program allows the specific task of first-generation migrant(More)
Determining the routes of introduction provides not only information about the history of an invasion process, but also information about the origin and construction of the genetic composition of the invading population. It remains difficult, however, to infer introduction routes from molecular data because of a lack of appropriate methods. We evaluate here(More)
Several methods have been developed to estimate the parental contributions in the genetic pool of an admixed population. Some pair-comparisons have been performed on real data but, to date, no systematic comparison of a large number of methods has been attempted. In this study, we performed a simulated data-based comparison of six of the most cited methods(More)
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