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The antigens extracted from strains belonging to seven capsular serotypes of Rhodococcus equi, as well as from two wild strains isolated from pneumonic foals, were examined. Whole-cell antigens and soluble products present in broth culture supernatants were separated by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, electroblotted onto(More)
A 10-year-old pregnant Norwegian Fjord horse was examined for gross swelling of the muzzle of 2 years' duration. Examination of biopsy specimens revealed diffuse dermal fibrosis, micropustule formation, and vascular thrombosis; large numbers of Actinobacillus lignieresii were isolated in pure culture. Prolonged treatment with i.v. administration of sodium(More)
In this paper we report on the spectrum and frequency of lesions observed in a prospective study of naturally occurring infections with Streptococcus suis type 9 (SS-9) in weaned pigs. SS-9 produced arthritis, meningitis, interstitial pneumonia, and endocarditis in 100%, 91%, 73%, and 42%, respectively, of pigs dying from the disease. The lesions were(More)
Two groups of three one to three week old foals were immunized orally on four occasions over five weeks with two strains of Rhodococcus equi, a clinical isolate from a pneumonic foal and a laboratory passaged Congo red negative variant of this strain. Three nonimmunized foals of similar age acted as controls. Three weeks after the last immunization, all(More)
A Campylobacter jejuni mastitis in a Holstein cow, 60 days into the first lactation, is reported. This was characterized by a sudden onset, a pyrexia, painful quarter and pink milk with a few small clots present. There was good response to a treatment protocol of: parenteral oxytetracycline, frequent stripping and intramammary infusions of erythromycin.(More)
One hundred and forty-four lungs obtained postmortem from cattle with pneumonia were cultured for anaerobic bacteria. Forty-five lungs yielded 73 anaerobic isolates belonging to 20 species. The number of isolations of anaerobes from acute fibrinous or suppurative bronchopneumonias (32.5%) was slightly lower than from similar chronic bronchopneumonias(More)
The whole-cell proteins of ten strains of Rhodococcus equi isolated from horses, pigs, or humans, including the type strain ATCC 6939, were examined by sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. The protein profiles of seven different capsular serotypes and the type strain were very similar when bacteria were cultured under the same(More)
We describe health significance of protostrongylid parasites (Parelaphostrongylus odocoilei and Protostrongylus stilesi) and other respiratory pathogens in more than 50 naturally infected Dall's sheep (Ovis dalli dalli) from the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories (1998-2002) as well as in three Stone's sheep (O. d. stonei) experimentally infected(More)
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