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The establishment and maintenance of higher-order structure at centromeres is essential for accurate chromosome segregation. The monopolin complex is thought to cross-link multiple kinetochore complexes to prevent merotelic attachments that result in chromosome missegregation. This model is based on structural analysis and the requirement that monopolin(More)
During cell division, a mitotic spindle is built by the cell and acts to align and stretch duplicated sister chromosomes before their ultimate segregation into daughter cells. Stretching of the pericentromeric chromatin during metaphase is thought to generate a tension-based signal that promotes proper chromosome segregation. However, it is not known(More)
" Soybean with the aphid resistance gene Rag1 harmed parasitoid reproduction. " Rag1 reduced parasitoid reproduction by affecting aphid density. " Rag1 also reduced parasitoid reproduction through a path not caused by aphid density. " Predators consumed more parasitoids on susceptible soybean than on Rag1. " Rag1 thus protects parasitoids from predation(More)
Faithful chromosome segregation depends on the precise timing of chromatid separation, which is enforced by checkpoint signals generated at kinetochores. Here, we provide evidence that the C-terminal domain (CTD) of DNA topoisomerase IIα (Topo II) provides a novel function at inner centromeres of kinetochores in mitosis. We find that the yeast CTD is(More)
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