J M Cerezo Pancorbo

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OBJECTIVE This study aims at evaluating the usefulness of suprapubic bladder aspiration (SBA) in order to diagnose urinary tract infection (UTI), enumerating the complications and describes those found in the existing literature. PATIENTS AND METHODS We have reviewed the 668 SBAs carried out on 642 children over a period of 3 years. The ages of the(More)
Out of patients with petechial lesions attended during a 5 year period, 90 (45%) were diagnosed a meningococcal disease. The generalized distribution of the petechial lesions proved to be very helpful as an orientation about the disease. The presence of a series of altered laboratory determinations (white blood cell count, band cells count, erythrocyte(More)
One hundred eleven children with intestinal giardiasis, are studied taken into account: age, sex, place of residence, seasonal frequency, clinic, symptomatology, analyses, treatment and it efficacy and reinfections. Authors have investigated mainly the stools: presence of parasite in them, with only one sample, has been of 56.2%, reaching 70.7% when several(More)
Seventy four cases of meningococcal infection were studied. They attended the "Valle del Nalón" Hospital in Asturias, from february 1979 until january 1985. Seven children died (9.4%). We divided them into two groups: A, without any previous antibiotic treatment when they arrived at the hospital (58 cases), and B, with previous antibiotic treatment (16(More)
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