J. M. Caudrelier

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PURPOSE To report the neurocognitive findings in a phase III randomized trial evaluating survival and neurologic and neurocognitive function in patients with brain metastases from solid tumors receiving whole-brain radiation therapy (WBRT) with or without motexafin gadolinium (MGd). PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients were randomly assigned to receive WBRT 30(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The accuracy of tumor plasma volume and K(trans) estimates obtained with DCE MR imaging may have inaccuracies introduced by a poor estimation of the VIF. In this study, we evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of a novel technique by using a phase-derived VIF and "bookend" T1 measurements in the preoperative grading of patients with(More)
PURPOSE To compare a standard 3- or 4-field technique to intensity modulated radiotherapy with helical tomotherapy (IMRT-HT) in the planning of locoregional breast radiation including the internal mammary chain (IMC). METHODS AND MATERIALS For 10 women with stage III left-sided breast cancer with a planning target volume (PTV) defined by the breast/chest(More)
PURPOSE Conformal radiotherapy (CRT) consists of irradiating the target volume while avoiding the healthy peripheral tissues and organs at risk as far as possible. One technique used to treat intracranial tumors consists of using micromultileaf collimators (MMLCs). Given the dose constraints involved, it is of interest to optimize MMLC irradiation(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The prognostic value of dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging-derived plasma volume obtained in tumor and the contrast transfer coefficient has not been well-established in patients with gliomas. We determined whether plasma volume and contrast transfer coefficient in tumor correlated with survival in patients with gliomas in addition(More)
PURPOSE The probability of detecting radiologically evident metastatic disease in asymptomatic women with newly diagnosed operable breast cancer is low. Despite the recommendations of most practice guidelines imaging is still frequently performed. Relatively little is known about what patients believe is important when it comes to radiologic staging. (More)
RATIONALE, AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Despite multiple guidelines advocating against routine radiological evaluation for metastases in women with early stage breast cancer, imaging is still frequently overused. The objective of this study was to assess doctor's views on imaging guidelines, and an attempt to establish why personal and local clinical practice(More)
The incidence of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis in breast cancer patients (LC-BC) is increasing. Despite significantly affecting patient quality of life (QoL) and overall survival (OS), little is known about its optimal management. A systematic review of treatment strategies for LC-BC was performed. EMBASE, Ovid Medline, Pubmed, and the Cochrane Central(More)
PURPOSE Permanent breast seed implant is an accelerated partial breast irradiation technique realizing the insertion of (103)Pd seeds in the seroma after lumpectomy. We report the 5-year efficacy and tolerance for a cohort, pooling patients from 3 clinical trials. METHODS AND MATERIALS The trials accrued postmenopausal patients with infiltrating ductal(More)