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  • J R Carrie
  • Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and…
  • 1965
Charcot (1889) divided tremor into three categories: slow, intermediate, and vibratile. He included alcoholic tremor in the 'vibratile' category, i.e., it was of low amplitude as compared with Parkinsonian or hysterical tremor, and occurred at 8 to 9 c/sec. Friedlander (1956) detected tremor of the tip of the index finger by means of an electromagnetic(More)
The application of the ELISA technique to dry blood samples is described with special reference to some parameters: the correspondence between the "confetti" eluate and the serum dilution, and the preservation time of the dry blood samples. A correlation is made between the results obtained with the confetti and those obtained with the sera. The study shows(More)
Coccidioidomycosis is a fungal infection endemic in the south west of the United States. Sixty percent of infected individuals remain asymptomatic. Symptomatic disease manifests itself with variable signs such as pneumonia, pleural effusion, empyema or acute respiratory distress syndrome. Residual disease includes pulmonary nodules and fibrosis. We report a(More)
  • J R Carrie
  • The British journal of psychiatry : the journal…
  • 1993
A digital computer program generating a simulated neural network was used to construct a model which can show behaviour resembling human associative memory. The experimental network uses distributed storage, and, in this respect, its functional organisation resembles that suggested by reported observations of neuronal activity in the human temporal lobe(More)