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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVE We tried to reduce the number of local recurrences after surgery and external beam irradiation (EBI) in carcinoma of the oral cavity, when margins were positive or close. MATERIAL AND METHODS From 1980 to 1992, we treated 97 cases of carcinomas of the oral cavity by postoperative brachytherapy. Surgery was combined with EBI+brachytherapy(More)
Ectopic breast tissue usually develops along the mammary ridge. The incidence of this anomaly has been reported as high as 6%. Malignant development is rare. A case of carcinoma of aberrant breast tissue, located in the axilla is described. Mammographies of the ectopic breast performed few years before the diagnosis of carcinoma are presented and also those(More)
PURPOSE Surgery is the golden standard of treatment of endometrial carcinoma. The risk of central or vaginal recurrences justifies adjuvant treatment. METHODS Brachytherapy for endometrial adenocarcinoma is given commonly as pre- or post-operative treatment. In case of medical contra-indications for surgery brachytherapy can be applied as the only(More)
From 1972 to 1991, 237 patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the lower lip were treated by exclusive LDR brachytherapy (192Ir). There were 158 T1, 61 T2, 17 T3 and 1 T4 with 231 N0, 3 N1 and 3 N2 patients. The actuarial values at 5 years for local and regional controls, overall and specific survivals were 95%, 91%, 74% and 91%. Salvage treatment(More)
The study bears on 672 infiltrating carcinomas of the cervix treated from 1977 until the end of 1991, by a radiosurgical combination (311 patients) or by exclusive irradiation (361 patients). The radiosurgical series includes mostly stages IB and II and patients under 50 years because of the therapeutic protocol. Most of the patients aged over 50 years and(More)
Lung metastases from malignant melanoma are frequent and they often inaugurate the metastatic stage. Exceptionally, they present as one or a few nodules, and in the absence of any other secondary lesion these cases raise the problem of surgical eradication. A retrospective multicentre study was carried out in a series of 38 patients and its results were(More)
UNLABELLED The study includes 346 carcinomas of the oral cavity (244 mobile tongues and 102 floors of mouth) treated by brachytherapy alone at primary tumor. We noted 199 T1, 131 T2, 14 T3 and 2 TxNx. Among T1, 36 patients had a neck dissection as well as 73 T2. Brachytherapy was performed according to the Paris system. In 59 cases, the curage on the lesion(More)
Low rupture of the tendon of the long head of the biceps is a rare lesion and surgical approach is hampered by constant anatomical features, in particular the radial nerve which is the most serious potential problem. The double anterior and posterior approach of Boyd and Anderson makes it possible to completely restore the action of the tendon of the long(More)