J. M. C. Greiff

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To assess the long-term use of neuromuscular blocking (NMB) agents in intensive care, expecially with reference to the potential problems of the long-term use of NMB drugs in the intensive care unit (ICU). A postal survey questionnaire was sent to 409 ICUs in Great Britain. Two hundred thirty-eight completed questionnaires were returned and analysed. Most(More)
Drugs may affect gastrointestinal motility and, therefore, absorption of other concomitantly administered drugs. Gastrointestinal prokinetic agents increase the rate of gastric emptying and also upper intestinal motility. These effects would be expected to increase the initial rate of absorption of orally administered drugs, but reduce total bioavailability(More)
A postal survey of obstetric anaesthetic units in the UK was conducted by questionnaire to gain information about current acid aspiration prophylaxis. Information regarding the delivery rate and the caesarean section rate under regional techniques was also requested. Replies were received from 202 obstetric anaesthetic units in the UK, a 75% response rate.(More)
We have examined the activity of choline acetyltransferase (ChAT) in rat cortical synaptosomes in the presence of three volatile anaesthetic agents: enflurane, halothane and isoflurane. The Michaelis constant Km, for choline was reduced significantly (P = 0.012) in the presence of 6.5% enflurane (3 rat MAC) compared with control samples exposed to carrier(More)
1. Cholinergic neurones in the basal forebrain are linked to cortical activation and arousal. 2. The present study was designed to examine the hypothesis that clinically relevant doses of halothane (0.1 to 5%) would significantly reduce depolarization-evoked acetylcholine (ACh) release from rat cortical slices. 3. ACh release was measured from rat cortical(More)
BACKGROUND Acetylcholine is an excitatory neurotransmitter associated with the maintenance of consciousness. Choline uptake is the rate-limiting step in acetylcholine synthesis and may be a target for the action of volatile anesthetic agents. METHODS [Methyl-3H]choline uptake was investigated using rat cortical synaptosomes. The preparation was exposed to(More)
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