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The distribution of nine cold-water corals in the cold temperate North Atlantic is described based on existing records. The species studied are Lophelia pertusa, Madrepora oculata, Paragorgia arborea, Primnoa resedaeformis, Paramuricea placomus, Acanella arbuscula, Isidella lofotensis, Radicipes gracilis and Acanthogorgia armata. The compiled number of(More)
  • D Pok, C Chen, +19 authors Sanz-Osorio
  • 2008
Analysis and characterisation of a monobit receiver for electronic warfare. Automated design space exploration of FPGA-based FFT architectures based on area and power estimation. Design and implementation of a high speed vector processor for real-time SAR imaging. Automatic generation of customized discrete Fourier transform IPs. On the use of windows for(More)
The scope of this work is to serve as support in an introductory programming course. The proposal addresses the problem of how to construct programs from specifications formally and incrementally. As key idea, we use a taxonomy of problem specification schemas, each representing a family of related problems. Actually, the proposal is mainly focused on(More)
The objectives of this research were: (1) to determine the occurrence of zoonotic enteroparasites in dog feces from Bahía Blanca, Argentina; (2) to characterize the spatial distribution of the parasites found in association with the quality of life index (QLI) in neighborhoods of Bahía Blanca; and (3) to determine if the presence of a particular parasite(More)
We describe the synthetic voices entered into the 2013 Blizzard Challenge by the SIMPLE 4 ALL consortium. The 2013 Blizzard Challenge presents an opportunity to test and benchmark some of the tools we have been developing to address two problems of interest: 1) how best to learn from plentiful 'found' data, and 2) how to produce systems in arbitrary new(More)
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