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Previous research has suggested that exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields increases electroencephalogram spectral power in non-rapid eye movement sleep. Other sleep parameters have also been affected following exposure. We examined whether aspects of sleep architecture show sensitivity to electromagnetic fields emitted by digital mobile phone(More)
Most current computer architectures use a high−speed cache to translate user virtual addresses into physical memory addresses. On machines that require software to implement cache fills and invalidations, the software task is fairly straightforward. In a multi−processor multi−cache configuration, however, where processes are allowed to migrate across(More)
UNIX provides a programming model for the user which givesanillusion of multi-processing. On uniprocessors, this illusion works well, providing communication paths, firewalls between processes and a simple programming environment. Unfortunately,t he normal UNIX model does not provide the capabilities to takef ull advantage of modern multiprocessor hardware.(More)
\Progress in the development of a Reynolds stress turbulence closure," J. \Theory of pressure-strain rate correlation for Reynolds stress turbulence closures," J. 26. A. Yoshizawa, \Bridging between eddy viscosity type and second order turbulence models through a two scale turbulence theory," Phys. 19 where B(k; p;q) denotes the product of projection(More)
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