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It is now known that closed head injury (CHI) impairs interpersonal skills, disturbs and/or blunts mood and compromises emotional discriminativeness. This study tried to test whether sense of humour is also impaired or disturbed following CHI. Subjects were 42 CHI patients and 42 normal controls, matched for age, education and paternal occupation. Humour(More)
Although several affective impairments have been demonstrated to occur following closed-head injury (CHI), deficits of the communicative function of language, particularly sentenial and suprasentential pragmatic aspects, have been suggested, but not demonstrated, to occur. This study compared 31 normals and 31 severely closed-head injured patients matched(More)
on the same wafer stored in vacuum, whereas such behavior is readily understandable using the quantum-confinement model. More work is needed to help understand the mechanism of the PL emission. Experimental The irradiation of p-type silicon with 2 MeV He was carried out using a single-ended accelerator. The desired pattern was fed into the IONSCAN software(More)
Studies of cerebral dominance for posed emotional facial expression using free-viewing of hemicomposites have produced inconclusive findings, and the concordance of facial emotion identification (discrimination) and the expression of the same facial emotion remains unknown. Expressive and discriminative (14 men, 14 women) facial emotion performances of(More)
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