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The method of periodic projections consists in iterating projections onto m closed convex subsets of a Hilbert space according to a periodic sweeping strategy. In the presence of m ≥ 3 sets, a long-standing question going back to the 1960s is whether the limit cycles obtained by such a process can be characterized as the minimizers of a certain functional.(More)
In general there exists no relationship between the fixed point sets of the composition and of the average of a family of nonexpansive operators in Hilbert spaces. In this paper, we establish an asymptotic principle connecting the cycles generated by under-relaxed compositions of nonexpansive operators to the fixed points of the average of these operators.(More)
ATCase3 catalyzes the second reaction of the de novo pyrim-idine pathway that is the carbamylation of the amino group of aspartate by carbamylphosphate. The kinetic parameters of ATCase were investigated previously in the dialyzed cell-free extracts of 10 different human normal and tumoral cell lines (1). PALA, a transition state analogue of ATCase(More)
Lateral epicondylitis is the most common source of elbow pain. Surgical treatment is easy but precise etiology remains uncertain. We reviewed 17 medical files of surgically treated lateral epicondylitis. Chondral lesions of the radial head were systematically looked for. Out of those 17 elbows, 11 showed extension limitation before surgical treatment. From(More)
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