J M Arguello

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Basal serum cortisol, growth hormone, prolactin and immunoreactive (IR) plasma beta-endorphin levels were measured in 31 depressed patients (14 endogenous, 17 nonendogenous) undergoing the dexamethasone suppression test. The endogenously depressed patients had significantly higher (22.55 +/- 1.34 micrograms/dl) predexamethasone cortisol levels than the(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to study the clinical utility of salivary cortisol concentrations in a group of depressed patients undergoing the dexamethasone suppression test (DST) and the correlation of these concentrations with plasma ACTH levels. METHOD Twenty outpatients from the psychiatric department of a Barcelona hospital who were diagnosed(More)
The writers describe their technique of arthrodesis with two transarticular screws and displacement osteotomy, fixed by means of Ruggieri & Salvagni's angled plate. This method is indicated in painful, rigid unilateral arthrosis of the hip in middle-aged subjects who are still active and working. The angled plate enables the diaphysis to be displaced(More)
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