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A method is proposed to evaluate the balance accounts of several firms, respectively to a benchmark set of firms of the same business sector and stock market. From normalized end of year balance-sheets a set of balance items is chosen as representative for the intended Financial Analysis, and they are considered as Compromise Programming (C.P.) attribute(More)
For election of a system of disposal of urban residues in small andine cities of the Provincia de Salta, Argentina, some discrete MCDM methods were found adequate and were used choosing between three alternatives {direct filling, sanitary filling+compost and transport out of the city}, after a local team defined and elicited a comprehensive set of criteria.(More)
We use multifractal analysis to estimate the Rényi dimensions of river basins by two different partition methods. These methods differ in the way that the Euclidian plane support of the measure is covered, partitioning it by using mutually exclusive boxes or by gliding a box over the plane. Images of two different drainage basins, for the Ebro and Tajo(More)
Mathematical model to select the optimal alternative for an integral plan to desertification and erosion control for the Chaco Area in Salta Province (Argentine) J. B. Grau, J. M. Anton, A. M. Tarquis, F. Colombo, L. de los Rios, and J. M. Cisneros Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Agrónomos, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain Universidad(More)
Chaco area is situated in the Province of Salta at North West of Argentine. The desertification is a big problem. In order to mitigate the problem it is necessary to take into account not only pedologic criteria but the economical, environmental, cultural and sociological criteria. Six sub zones have been established following previous studies. Eight(More)
In the decision-making, in many cases, we need to know the situation in a next step, if another alternative was adopted or which would be the best alternative, in that moment, with the situation that is envisaged. Decision making for election of regional water resources management entities shows a high complexity, due to much interrelation between aspects,(More)
The erosion-sedimentation-flooding processes in large zones of Argentine are a critical problem that involve complex relationships with technological, economic, social and environmental cause-effect. The increasing of agricultural activities in new areas previously with forestry or pasture could produce irreversible environmental impacts. It is necessary to(More)
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