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When added to the feed of broiler breeder hens, dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids (FA) can be incorporated into the yolk and therefore become available to the progeny during their early development. The mechanism involved in lipid metabolism and deposition in the egg may be influenced by breeder age. Before the effect of an elevated concentration of(More)
Online and non-invasive quantification of critical tissue engineering (TE) construct quality attributes in TE bioreactors is indispensable for the cost-effective up-scaling and automation of cellular construct manufacturing. However, appropriate monitoring techniques for cellular constructs in bioreactors are still lacking. This study presents a generic and(More)
1. A new open-circuit respiration unit consisting of 6 respiration chambers, gas analysis unit and data-acquisition system is briefly described. 2. Energy and protein metabolism in broiler lines selected for improved food efficiency (FC) or for growth rate (GL) were measured weekly from 3 to 6 weeks of age. 3. Gross and apparent metabolisable energy intake(More)
The objective of this study was to explore whether time-variant parameter estimation procedures allow modeling and predicting the dynamic growth response of broiler chickens to feed intake in real time. A recursive linear model was used that estimated the model parameters every 24 h based on a fixed number of actual and past measurements (i.e., time(More)
Around the optimal incubator air temperature only small spatiotemporal deviations are allowed. However, air speed and air temperature are not uniformly distributed in the total volume of the incubator due to obstruction of the eggs and egg trays. The objectives of this research were (1) to quantify the spatiotemporal gradients in temperature and velocity(More)
The objective of the research reported here was to control the growth trajectory of broiler chickens during the production process based on an adaptive compact dynamic process model. More specifically, the daily feed supply was calculated, based on a model-based control algorithm, with the aim of following a previously defined target growth trajectory as(More)
Despite the augmented safety offered by wearing a cyclist crash helmet, many cyclists still refuse to wear one because of the thermal discomfort that comes along with wearing it. In this paper, a method is described that quantifies the ventilation characteristics of a helmet using tracer gas experiments. A Data-Based Mechanistic model was applied to provide(More)
1. The objective was to investigate the possibility of detecting daily body weight changes of broiler chickens with computer-assisted image analysis. 2. The experiment included 50 broiler chickens reared under commercial conditions. Ten out of 50 chickens were randomly selected and video recorded (upper view) 18 times during the 42-d growing period. The(More)
1. The objective of this work was to explore the possibilities of modelling the static and dynamic responses of total heat production of broiler chickens to step changes in temperature and light intensity (light-dark alterations) using compact dynamic model structures. 2. Seventy-seven experiments were performed in an open-circuit respiration chamber to(More)