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The objective of the research reported here was to control the growth trajectory of broiler chickens during the production process based on an adaptive compact dynamic process model. More specifically, the daily feed supply was calculated, based on a model-based control algorithm, with the aim of following a previously defined target growth trajectory as(More)
The objective of this study was to explore whether time-variant parameter estimation procedures allow modeling and predicting the dynamic growth response of broiler chickens to feed intake in real time. A recursive linear model was used that estimated the model parameters every 24 h based on a fixed number of actual and past measurements (i.e., time(More)
Thermal comfort is of great importance in chickens to preserve body temperature homeostasis during the growth period and during environmental thermal challenges. Because surface temperatures contribute much to thermal comfort, this research is aimed at studying spatial distribution of surface temperatures of broiler chickens. For this purpose, temperatures(More)
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