J. Luis Tecpanecatl-Xihuitl

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This paper presents an architecture for sensor based, distributed, automated scene surveillance. The goal of the work is to employ wireless visual sensors, scattered in an area, for detection and tracking of objects of interest and their movements through application of agents. The architecture consists of several units known as Object Processing Units that(More)
This paper presents distributed, automated, scene surveillance architecture. Object detection and tracking is performed by a set of region and object agents. The area under surveillance is divided in several sub-areas. One camera is assigned to each sub-area. A region agent is responsible for monitoring a given sub-area. Background subtraction is first(More)
This work deploys Autonomous Decentralized System (ADS) based formulation to cluster of networked visual sensors. The goal is to utilize and integrate the sensing and networking capabilities of the sensors with the systematic and autonomous features of ADS to perform visual surveillance through object detection in the covered areas of interest. In the(More)
Motion Detection is major task in every application of computer vision such as video surveillance. Background Subtraction (BS) algorithms have been employed for several years to find a moving objects in a scene. BS has been used in video surveillance due to its simplicity and the fact that cameras are stationary in a video surveillance systems. The present(More)
We introduce a two-loop power control that allows an efficient use of the overall power resources for commercial wireless networks based on cross-layer optimization. This approach maximizes the network's utility in the outer-loop as a function of the averaged signal to interference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) by considering adaptively the changes in the network(More)
Wearable Devices (WD) are systems designed to do a specific task, these system are embedded in daily life personal objects. Usual transducers in wearable devices involve accelerometers gyroscopes, cameras etc. In WD is required to design efficiently in terms of power. Therefore, a new trend incorporates acoustic transducer that does not need a power supply(More)
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