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Patients with inflammatory bowel disease diagnosed in the greater Cape Town area between the years 1980 and 1984 inclusive were studied to establish the incidence and presenting features of these diseases. Case details were obtained from the records of the Groote Schuur Hospital group and Tygerberg Hospital as well as from questionnaires completed by 97% of(More)
BACKGROUND The development of clinically significant disease in South Africa is associated with the vacuolating cytotoxin gene (vacA) s1 genotype but not with the presence of the cytotoxin associated gene cagA. cagA occurs in >95% of South African isolates and is a variable marker for the entire cag pathogenicity island (PAI). AIM To characterise the(More)
BACKGROUND Helicobacter pylori infection is universally associated with gastritis, but only sometimes with clinically significant disease. Candidate virulence markers seem to be useful in identifying the pathogenic infections in some populations. AIMS To investigate the association between putative virulence markers and disease in an African population.(More)
  • J. Louw
  • The Journal of bone and joint surgery. British…
  • 1990
Nineteen patients with thoracic or thoracolumbar spinal tuberculosis and neurological deficits were treated by anterior debridement, decompression and vascularised rib grafting, followed, either during the same procedure or 14 days later, by multilevel posterior osteotomies, instrumentation and fusion. Surgery was performed under cover of four-drug(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a retrospective literature review of all the data published on Helicobacter pylori in Africa in order to test whether the prevalence of diseases associated with this organism differs from that in developed nations. METHODS Both sero-epidemiological (n = 8) as well as prospective endoscopic studies in subjects with either dyspepsia(More)
We describe the rarity of Helicobacter pylori strains of vacuolating cytotoxin type s1a (the type most commonly associated with peptic ulceration in the United States) among black and mixed-race South Africans. We also provide the first description of a naturally occurring strain with the vacA allelic structure s2/m1.
BACKGROUND South African Helicobacter pylori isolates are characterised by the universal presence of cagA but have differences in vacuolating cytotoxin gene (vacA) alleles which correlate with clinically significant disease. However, the candidate virulence marker gene iceA has not been investigated. AIM To characterise the genetic organisation and(More)
The effect of Helicobacter pylori lipopolysaccharide on guinea pig gastric mucosal pepsinogen secretion has been examined using an Ussing chamber technique. Luminal addition of H. pylori lipopolysaccharide resulted in a fifty-fold stimulation of pepsinogen secretion compared to a twelve-fold increase with E. coli lipopolysaccharide. Electron microscopy(More)