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Phosphate glass fibres with composition 50P(2)O(5)-30CaO-9Na(2)O-3SiO(2)-3MgO-(5-x)K(2)O-xTiO(2)mol.% (x=0, 2.5, 5, respectively coded as TiPS(0), TiPS(2.5) and TiPS(5)) were drawn following the preform drawing approach. A 20-day solubility test in bi-distilled water was carried out on glass fibres with different compositions and diameters ranging between(More)
Two tellurite glass compositions in the TeO<sub>2</sub>-ZnO-NaO system were synthesised and their suitability as a fibre core/clad material pair was investigated through the analysis of their thermal and rheological properties and their refractive indices. The fibre preform was manufactured by extrusion technique which allowed us to produce a triple core(More)
We report recent developments on rare-earth ion doped heavy metal-oxide glass fibres for engineering lasers and amplifiers, operating in the optical communication window. Special emphasis on rare-earth ion co-doping schemes for controlling the pump excited state absorption process, which is dominant in the single mode fibre geometry, is explained by(More)
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